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Binghamton, NY USA

As an herbalist, I have long been ensconced in the Arts and as a practitioner of alternative forms of medicine. Herbalism has long been a part of my life, first dabbling in what was then known as “forgotten arts’ when my children were young. Enhancing fresh vegetables from my garden with the strength and health of the herbal companions, making culinary herbal gifts, and trying my hand at basic herbal medicine.
Although my life took a new direction for a few years, it was my own health that brought me full circle, with the realization that I needed to rely on more than allopathic medicine to see me through the effects of a very painful accident. Thus I turning to both homeopathy and a more intensive practice of herbal medicine.
I was fortunate to connect with local Herbalist Raine Ford with whom I have had the pleasure of extensive study. Through her classes I have not only bolstered my knowledge in all aspects of herbalism, but have renewed my passion for alternative medicine and medicine making. Knowledge in this field, like all medicine is ongoing. thankfully there does seem to be a growing awareness of herbalism in the realm of allopathic medicine as our bodies become resistant to traditional treatments. I have most recently had the opportunity to participate in online study through with Herbalists Rosalee dela Floret, Aviva Romm,MD, Susun Weed, and others which continually expands my knowledge base and my curiosity.

I began Aran knitting when my son was born 40 years ago and have provided many baby gifts in the form of “Irish-Knit” sweaters throughout the years. My children have had sweaters at different stages of their lives, and I have made adult sweaters, scarves and hats as well. The patterns beauty and rich Celtic stories that accompany the patterns of our ancestors have long attracted me. Mine ancestors hailed from county Clare and while I have many bloodlines of which to be proud, the Irish knitting has been a salvation as I recover from my accident because I have had to retrain my brain in the intricacies of these gorgeous patterns.

I will gladly special order sweaters designed in patterns of your choice or if you would like me to design a sweater or scarf in a particular set of patterns. There is a wonderful selection of yarns in a wonderful array of colors available by special order.(pure merino wools, blends acrylic blends, etc.) I am happy to work with you if you would like to special order, but I do require a deposit on any special order. Please contact me at and I will try to fulfill your request. I will try to fulfill your request.

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