I am a mother of 3, although my middle son Trey has lived in Heaven with His Father since 2005...this was the year my journey search for The Heart of God.

The Lord gave me a great gift - a divine gift of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of these last days and how He Himself is teaching us what we need to know during this time. He is so loving, kind and is just Pure Love. He does not cause bad things to happen in our lives - we open doors to the enemy and then, the Lord must allow certain events to occur due to this but He always has His Eyes and Hand upon all we do...He keeps us protected and does not allow more than the lesson He wants taught. I no longer ask "Why Lord?" Now I just say, "Okay Lord, got it!" All is done to bring our Spirit as close to Him as's all about the Heart of Man because that is what He is coming to's heart. I believe this is why Jesus came as The Son of refine those hearts of the Men His Father created. Thru His love - as The Son of God, He made it possible for all to be God's Children via the purification of the Heart.

The New Heaven is our renewed Mind/Spirit that has been taught the Truth of His-Story, History and the Heavenly Divine Truth that was meant to be known in the Beginning, but sadly, became an Earthly version of something men could not understand. The New Earth, this is our cleansed, purified Heart/Soul that takes you to the New Heaven, HIS KINGDOM...these 2 must be in sync as this is what battles have taken place in life, ones caused by reactions of the Heart and others by plotting/chaos of the Mind. This is what Paul was trying to teach...

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