From the Desk of MarDrag

I am first and foremost a woman who has lived a lot of life, experienced all the ranges of success and failure, and survived it all by learning from mistakes and lessons and discovering how to make better choices.

I have studied various spiritualities, religions and occult practices and taken from them a great deal of information and many profound and positive experiences and lessons that I have applied to my life that have made it rich and have helped me with my personal growth.

I am also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has assisted many in achieving empowerment over life issues and challenges. Though I no longer have a regular practice, I learned so many amazing things about the mind and how it works, that I applied and combined with my other learnings, and created a powerful way of life that enriches and empowers me to be the best that I can be and overcome adversity while maintaining a positive and happy lifestyle. Yes, it is possible!!

I recently facilitated a Women’s Group to share all this information I had accumulated, because I saw such a need, and the group was very successful. So successful, that I decided (and was encouraged) to compile the material into a book. I am currently seeking publication of the book and look forward to getting it out there. I believe the information in the book, and its simple format, will help people to recover their own empowerment, which is so desperately needed in this crazy world we live in. I have seen it happen, and I have a passion to help others achieve and find their remarkable self!

I live in Southern California and have an amazing 29 year old daughter that I am incredibly proud of and who is a success on her own. I am a voracious reader and love all kinds of books, from those I study to history to the proverbial sappy and sexy love stories that I read for guilty pleasure! I am a writer and a poet. And I am just a regular gal, just like everyone else!