About Me

Gavia immer: the Common Loon,
the Great Northern Diver. 

First of all, I'm generally much happier now than I've ever been before.

The Latin word immergo means to immerse, and immersus; deeply submerged;

I've survived several suicide attempts. But on August 5, 2013 I made a commitment to myself and to the universe to become exactly who it is I am supposed to be. I'm fighting for my right to be happy.

The Swedish words immer and emmer are terms for the grey or blackened ashes of a fire, and are associated to the loon's dark plumage.

My blog is my way of documenting my journey, organizing my thoughts on recovery from depression and anxiety, and hopefully inspiring you to fight for your own happiness.

"Swimmer:" someone who has fallen out of a raft and either needs to self-rescue or be rescued by those remaining in the boat.


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