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I am championing the cause of genetic and neurological psychopathy testing when a person is seeking a position of trust.

I got my start studying psychopathy because I discovered that I was married to a psychopath. It doesn't mean he's violent. It means he has no conscience, nor empathy, but he fakes it better than normal people show true feelings. Psychopathy means he has no love, no loyalty, no decency. Betrayal on a whim. No remorse. Totally self-serving. Wears the disguise of the sweetest guy on earth and no one knows the darkness of his heart.

Psychopaths are estimated to be 1-4 percent of the population. This means that there are 12 million psychopaths in the United States. Psychopaths like to control and manipulate (covertly) and are drawn to positions of power.

A Psychopathic Society/Police State criminalizes everything good (helping the homeless), legalizes everything bad (Citizens United). Psychopathic lawmakers, being devoid of conscience, focus on power and greed instead of the well-being of the people. There is a neurological propensity for contrariness, lying pathologically, hiding their true intentions, and being self-serving to the detriment of everyone else.

My mission is to get psychopaths out of government. Advocating fMRI testing for politicians. Advocating psychopathy awareness to the public. Find out "How to Spot a Pro-Social Psychopath" -

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