Geoff Stanton

The Barrelhouse is founded on anarchy and artistry and all that has wrought a century of rock n roll, film, fashion, jazz, blues and the cultural smokestacks in between.

Listening at the moment to Johnny Cash, working like a balm. Rock, punk, reggae, blues, jazz, tabla, folk, classical and the collected works of Bill Oddie. I have a friend called Ian Hoey who becomes Frank Satan when he prowls the stage. Frank, can you hear me?

As for films, I am a little obsessive, so I might declare love for the purity of early genre, going back to DW Griffith, or the simplest of documentaries, or horse movement, moon landings, still shots, mid shots, panning left, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Kinski, ET, Gold, The Flight of Birds, Hidden Kingdom, Cocksucker Blues, anything with Bob Dylan and Superman 2.

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