Following over ten years of further education, Dr. Marc Latham became a freelance writer. He had four books published between 2005 and 2010. He thinks the greenYgrey is his original philosophical concept. Although he has seen it used to describe a combination of colours since he thought of it, Marc initially used it to capture the dominant colours of the British landscape in one word. Since then, he has widened its uses, including a Catch-22 type of two or three sides (the Y rose to prominence as a yellow third colour in an Australian fantasy ramble) to a question, problem or philosophical thought, and a fashion wing.
In March 2012 he self-published the aforementioned epic satire guided by the Wizard of Oz theme Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps on Amazon.
In September 2012 he published his second poetry collection called 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections on Amazon.
They are now available for other ereaders on Smashwords.
In December, 2015 Marc self-published the last instalment of his international travel by Google Maps poetry and prose trilogy on Amazon. It is an epic Euro trip to an X Files theme, and follows the 9 chapters and 202 episodes structure, resulting in over 115,000 words. It achieved its travel quest to find the ex-Andy Wolfhol (werewolf version of Andy Warhol) in more ways than one, inspiring a new POP art of PinkyOrangePurple twilight sky times. As well as European travel fantasy stories there are personal writer thoughts throughout, usually written in the morning coffee times, so they become known as coffilosophy by a Doctor who likes to think he's putting the Philosophy back into the PhD.
Marc completed an ambition to run a marathon every three years until 50 in 2016, after doing his first one in 2004. He also did a 35 miles ultra-marathon in 2015.