Adelaide South Australia

Hello there, my name is Phil Paterson. I have been a Community Worker since 2013. I started supporting people with Mental Health (MH) issues and then moved on to supporting people with Disabilities. I am now one of the Coordinators for Disability Services (DIS) for a large NFP/NGO Organisation in South Australia. During the transition from MH to DIS, One day I had a major Mental breakdown from everything in my life. I went missing for three months at least. Never informed work, certain friends and certain family. I thought I would never recover. I finally went and saw someone for help, which wasn't easy. However, still today I am becoming more and more aware of who I am and how to live with Depression and Anxiety. Because of this I decided to write my story of trauma and abuse, drugs and alcohol, love and loss. All
which led to the depression and anxiety. I also write articles that are base on my opinions, or maybe a random thought.

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