1.your course: BA Communication Research
2.your favorite book or novel of all time (and state why); How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, it by gifted to me.
3.your favorite film of all time (and state why); Carol (2015) because I can relate to the love story.
4.your favorite media practitioner of all time (any medium: newspaper, broadcast, multimedia, film, social media, etc), (and state why); I don't have a favorite. I would say that I like Mike Enriquez for his character.
5.your favorite song/ music/ band/ songwriter of all time (and state why); I love the song When You Wish Upon a Star by Disney. I listen to Lana del Rey the most at the moment.
6.your favorite meal of all time (and state why). My favorite meal is nilagang baka with rice.
7.”hobbies”, if any. I enjoy pop culture gossip. I enjoy being there for friends or being alone and reflecting on my emotions.