Unceded Coast Salish Territory, Canada

I am a self-disciplined writer, and a totally unprofessional one at that. I am transmasculine, stealth non-binary, constantly growing in my understanding of myself, and peppered to taste with profanity. I am a white settler/xʷənitəm living (never formally invited) in the unceded territory the sq̓əc̓iy̓aɁɬ təməxʷ/Katzie Nation were violently displaced from. I am certain of being of Slavic, Scandinavian, and Scottish ancestry, and am still actively exploring the possibility of being a descendant of crypto-Jewish ancestry through one side of my family, as I continue to dig deeper into my genealogy, and the histories my ancestors and living relatives are descendants of. My interests for this blog swim around how the history of colonialism, race/ethnicity and racial inequality influences and informs our lives today - with a dash of sexuality, gender, and dis/ability. I draw on direct personal experience of trying to figure myself out.

I give arguments, detail the basis of my opinions, offer my insights, and share details about my life and history on this blog. I began this blog in December 2011, and nearly 10 years later, decided it needed a fresh start like many other areas of my life over the past few years. Any errors in fact, personal judgement, or belief are entirely my own, and as I am as fallible as anyone else, that may change over time or with new insight.

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