Hanne T. Fisker

Co. Clare, Ireland

Connecting the Dots...

Everyday is a step into the unknown ~ a place where living is timeless…

Connecting the Dots...: Blog-updates on art projects I'm part of one way or the other. A well of new creative ideas and bold projects are taking form, connecting the dots between incredible and daring artists that have their heart and soul involved. My contribution is to get their work “out there”, wherever that is… to move, touch and inspire whoever happens to cross paths with their art.
I'm a coach too, it's an art-form to me. check out "Reviews."

Simplicity of Being: My art and inner world of photography, poetry, drawings and here and there a few pieces of writing reflecting upon life. All expressing tales from a life of dreaming and wandering. Please visit this quiet and timeless place of my own existence.

There will be no cross-blogging between the two blogs(with perhaps few and rare occasions)

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