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Michael and Caroline Rochford, the young, professional and enthusiastic genealogists, are fast, thorough and experienced researchers, so they always know exactly where to look to find the required information, even when other genealogists have failed. They have, on many occasions, unearthed interesting findings that would otherwise have been forgotten in time, and are busy writing novels and non-fiction books about family history. Currently they are waiting to hear back from a Brisbane-based literary agent who requested the full manuscript for their first novel! Fingers crossed!

Michael and Caroline are not limited to UK genealogy records, but are extremely competent at undertaking international projects as well, and have worked for clients from the UK, America, Australia, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, South Africa, and around Europe.

You can either commission Heir Line on an hourly basis if you have specific requirements, or you can purchase a specific research package to get you started.

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