Helen Holdun

Palm Springs, CA

Welcome to the world of Helen Marie Roseann Milacek Holdun!

I became a living, breathing, published author in April 2013 with my first non-fiction book, "It Could Be Magic... How The Music Of Barry Manilow Changed My Life And the Journey Ever Since", which is as the name implies, tells the story of my life transformation because of the inspiration found in the music of Manilow. Since then, I have published a children's book, "Baby Bear's Christmas Dream”; this one tells the story of my oldest son's first teddy bear and how he joined our family. Both books are available on Amazon and B&

I’m excited and terrified (lol) to publish my first fictional romance novel, “Love Later,” in mid-2021, followed by two more that are currently a WIP!

When I’m not busy with my full-time career as a Student Development Manager for international students, I’m a freelance writer, blogger, public relations rep, and always a mom.

My greatest accomplishment is being the mom of three gorgeous, healthy, kind, prosperous, and delightful young adult sons. They are my world, and no matter what success I achieve in life, my most outstanding achievement is my children. They will forever be the inspiration that motivates me to be the best possible version of myself.

A born and raised in New York, in 2008, via serendipity, my kids and I became a resident of glorious Palm Springs, CA. I’ve since had a dozen years of moving adventures with my youngest son. He might write his book, “Holding On With Helen.” We took breaks from the desert to explore living life in the Northern California cities of San Mateo, Sunnyvale, and Sacramento. In 2013, we ventured back to living on the East Coast in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. It was then, despite moving back to CA so my son could finish high school with his pals, I confirmed New York City will always be my hearts real home, my happy place of bliss, inspiration, and motivation, and it is where I will relocate when the time is right.

Now with my three boys on their own, a still adjusting empty-nester, I reside in Tustin, California, with a cat named Boo and Marshmallow the lizard.

I’m an eclectic conglomeration of moving parts that make me who I am. Happy, intense, emotional, giddy, positive - my glass is always overflowing even if it looks empty. And I’m a forever romantic who believes happy endings can be achieved when unconditional love is based on a solid friendship. It is, I think, the only way a relationship can last. It is what was missing in the marriage I left. I’m old fashioned in my values but always open to what’s fresh and new. I have to keep learning to thrive. I never march to the beat of anyone else's drum, which can make for a lonely march sometimes! My morals and integrity are staunch, as is my faith in the power and majesty of God to whom I am deeply grateful for every beautiful moment that's been, is, and has yet to come.

I hope to someday meet and marry - in a perfect fairy tale wedding - my one-true-forever love but will never settle for someone who isn't my best friend, even if it means spending life alone.

As if working and writing full time wasn't enough, I’m in the process of creating a website for Independent artists of every genre, which will eventually incorporate a podcast and one day become a brick and mortar cozy bookshop in, you guessed it, New York City.

I hope you have fun joining me on my journey as I live life one word at a time!


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