I am the grammar police section of the editing department of Dark Roast Press Lovers.
That is how I know some of you-- from combing your commas, one of my great

I am in the Reformed Druids of North
America, and am an Archdruid with a grove in Wisconsin which we keep very
private. The Druid Network lists us, though, and I consider the Healing Line
part of my ministry.

Yes, my editing is healing of lines, and when it's romance, it's healing of
hearts. The telephone number is 608-255-0504. I also listen and do distance

I also have a modest fanfiction empire, links to which are at the myspace page
http://hlglne.livejournal,com where sex heals the Star Wars universe, one
Force user at a time. The fanfiction came first, and I followed a number of you
into the larger world of erotic romance.

You will not see me much in here as I am busy polishing your sentences.

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