Yvonne Hertzberger

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

I am an Old World Fantasy novelist. My first novel, "Back from Chaos, Book One of Earth's Pendulum" has done well. Reviews are overwhelmingly favourable. Happy me.The sequel in the Earth's Pendulum trilogy, Through Kestrel's Eyes, and the final instalment The Dreamt Child are all available both on Amazon and on Smashwords. In Dec. 2015 I published a new Fantasy novel, Labyrinth Quest. My books are strongly character based. They appeal to both women and men and can be enjoyed by teens as well.
Writing is a retirement journey, one which I did not have time to pursue while still in the labour force.(yes I use Canadian spelling. Naturally! I am Canadian!) This is my website, set up with the assistance of a friend who is amazing at this. I plan blog more regularly now that this is linked to Facebook, Twitter and my website. So it's "welcome to the social media age, you late bloomer" or something like that. I hope to connect to other writers and readers to share experiences and talk books and writing.

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