I've spent a good number of years researching the life of Mitsuo Fuchida and the related lives of Jacob "Jake" DeShazer and the Covell family for the purposes of producing a feature film and book, both entitled "Wounded Tiger."

Besides reading tens of thousands of pages of history, my research has taken me across the United States and Japan to meet with university professors, authors, military experts, research specialists and interfacing with the world's leading authorities on this history to unearth pieces of information from around the world. After completing the full screenplay, I had it vetted and critiqued at the highest levels, from the authors of Pacific War books to Academy Award winning producers. The film project is now under development.

Consultants and Reviewers for "Wounded Tiger":

Miyako Fuchida Overturf - Daughter of Mitsuo Fuchida
Carol Aiko DeShazer Dixon - Daughter of Jacob "Jake" DeShazer
David Covell - Son of James and Charma Covell
Donald Goldstein - Historian, author, professor, and Pacific War expert
Haruko Tohmatsu - Author, Pacific War expert, Professor of History of Japanese Politics at the National Defense Academy of Japan
Dan King - Pacific War expert, author, film consultant to Clint Eastwood
Jon Parshall - Historian, author, WWII expert, computer software executive
Carl F Goodman - Adjunct law professor, University of Hiroshima
Arudou Debito - Author, Associate Professor at Hokkaido Information University
Shingo Katayama - Former pilot, Japan Self Defense Force
Hiro Inaba - Former NHK television producer, film producer
Kazumi Fujita - Japanese film producer
Bill Ewing - Former VP of Production of Columbia Pictures
Paul Heller - Academy Award-winning producer