Barbara Alley Hoyle

Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico

In January 2014 I moved from California to Mexico to take up residence permanently along the shores of an 800 year old fishing village. During my career life I held many positions, none of which had anything to do with publishing. I read non-fiction books and magazine articles and I am inspired by all who have ever published their fascinations, discoveries and mysteries. It is my belief that to be speechless is to be found in a deep, a place void of words. I had many words that I would like to have said or written while working – but it was not prudent for me to give voice to my observations – Writing take one’s experience, or perception thereof, and etches a meaning into what may have remained empty of description. The world marvels us, it devastates, manipulates and causes all to imagine. All and song writers spin magic with their lyrics while bloggers speak substance into those who may have otherwise remained silent. Writing to me is a release of that creative spark that was given unto us all. Photographers capture passing scenes of joy, war, love, and the glory of God. My blessing to all those who express what they must. Many of my musings are lodged here in order for me to return to...when I am truly old! I shall marvel at my wit, nonsense and poetic views. Thanks for clicking in and for liking whatever post may tickle your fancy. The Gravatar pic is a FACEAP facelift - After 66 years, it is a refreshing face of FUN.