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Home Floor Experts is a leading provider when it comes to information on how to best clean your floors at home. We are geared towards providing you with all the latest information and cutting edge cleaning techniques, along with top rated reviews of vacuum cleaners for all types of flooring. We provide information that most newbies find useful and can save them a lot of money in the long run. For example, if you have hardwood floors and you want to keep them clean, what are the best methods for accomplishing this? Is it a good idea to steam clean your hardwood? What many people don't know is that the first thing you must do for your hardwood floors is sweep and dust mop them. Follow up with a vacuum cleaner, using any hardwood floor attachments you may have, and making sure the beater bar, meant for cleaning carpets, is disabled.

These efforts will pick up most of the dust and dirt that might scratch your finish or embed in the boards of your floor. You have done this for several weeks, that led to months, and you don't feel your floors are clean enough? You are probably now looking into steam cleaning your floors. You will need a specific steam cleaning machine, but if you have such a machine, there is no need to hire professionals. Of course, if time is your most important commodity, the professionals will come steam clean your floors for you.

Are your hardwood floors sealed? If there are any worn spots, don't use a steamer on them as the water can soak into the wood, causing the boards to warp. If you put a spoonful of water on your floor and it beads up so you can wipe it up, you might want to consider steam cleaning your hardwood floors. If that spoonful of water doesn't bead up, and is disintegrating into your floor boards, it is time to have the professionals come in to refinish and reseal your floors.

There are many different types of steam cleaners you will find, and there are some things you need to investigate before spending your hard earned money.

1. Is the steam cleaner comfortable for you to use, or are you hunched over uncomfortably?
2. How hard is fill with water, then empty the excess?
3. Have you checked reviews for the item you are considering purchasing?

Have you ever had to do something, that required an awkward position for your body? If that is the case, the steam cleaner will not be used. If it is too challenging to fill or empty, it will also not get used. Finally, have you ever written a product review? Have you ever read other people's reviews? This is a good idea when you are considering a purchase and this is something that's well covered at Home Floor Experts.

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