Alaska...the frozen wasteland.

Hello, my name is Noelle, and welcome to this blog. It's been sort of an absentee lover (or I have been to it), so my posting has been spread out and unpredictable. That needs to be remedied. Writing is one of those things that, a) I enjoy, and, b) I feel really helps the brain. What's so bad about that, eh? My thoughts can be, well, far-out, but behind each post lies a sincerity.
But I suppose I should introducing myself!
Currently residing in Denver, CO, and I am new to this urban environment. I am on my own journey, trying to make myself a life here for the time being before I move on to other new and exciting locales.

Blogging is a rewarding experience in the sense that it gives me an outlet of creativity and open communication. Since explaing my thoughts and feelings is something I struggle with, this helps me lay out all I think without the pressure of conversation. All in steps, right?
Now, sit back, relax, and welcome to my blog!

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