Samuel Elh.

Agadir, Morocco

A 21 y.o WP fan from Agadir Morocco, inspired by nature, science and life around me. i like to always see and look at things at a new perspective. i am an internet geek, and can not live without internet lol. I started blogging since the first of 2014 on WordPress platform as a total newbie. then I started learning, and begun with HTML basics through a short 18 pages book I recall, and learnt CSS and styling basics through the net quickly. I am so interested in PHP and JavaScript and I am learning about them every single day.
Recently I decided to build my first WordPress theme and start a life as a web designer. you can check the theme I am working on 'elegant light' at '' .
thank you so much for reading about me and believe that i would love to hear about you and your stories very soon. my email address is sam[at] :)

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