Samuel Elh

Agadir, Morocco

Samuel Elh, real name is Ismail, just another WordPress geek, got introduced to it as I wanted to launch a blog back in the end of 2013.

Beginning with this software was a little tough, especially that I knew nothing about front-end and back-end langs, that's why I hated WP for a while, but didn't last long, as I had to learn some HTML and CSS, then, I became a designer !

Because WP is based on PHP, I got inspired and wanted to learn this one too! Now, I am very happy with PHP and MySQL :)

When I am alive, I write plugins, I help people with snippets of codes and tuts on WP support forums and sometimes (rarely) on WP stackexchange. I recently decided to create myself a little blog at

My current projects include building a social network with PHP/MySQL mostly, for people to interact with each other (friendships, PM, commenting, .. ) and buy/sell stuff at the same time. Making it for my local area ;)

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