Iris Arenson-Fuller


I am a Certified Professional Life Coach helping people with life's Big Changes, Hard Choices and Second Chances.

You will see from my personal and professional experience why I am well equipped to help:
Widows and Widowers
Loss and bereavement of all types
Changes of aging and sandwich generation issues,
including reinventing yourself at any stage of life
Adoption Community of
Adoptive Parents, Prospective Parents, Adoptees, Birth Parents

I founded and directed a licensed adoption agency for about 30 years. We closed in order for me to focus full time on my coaching work. I have decades of experience in non-profit leadership and management, administrative, social work, fundraising, marketing, family and child assessments, skilled mentor, advisor and team builder, family support and interventions, birthmother assistance, pregnancy counseling, problem solving, listening and communication skills, event planning, intercultural experience and travel to many countries, business writing and creative writing skills.

Parent of 4 adults, adoptive parent, grandparent, poet, and have always been known as a “Possibilities Person”.

I am someone who has strong survival skills and who has moved successfully through many difficult and also interesting life experiences. These included illnesses and deaths of all of my family of origin members, young widowhood, single parenting, remarriage and other life transitions. My life coaching niches reflect my varied experiences, training and expertise, though life coaches are trained to team with clients to help them explore their inner needs, wants, values and performance, to maximize their abilities, set goals and make the changes THEY want. We help clients accelerate the progress they might make on their own. We assist them in tapping into their own creative resources and strengths. We brainstorm with them, help them set boundaries if they need this, and also learn to self-monitor and stay on task to achieve their goals. We do not provide therapy, though many coaches are also therapists, social workers, psychologists and even psychiatrists. We do not offer unsolicited advice or dictate to people what they should do when we assume the coaching role. Most importantly, we suspend personal judgments and listen deeply, carefully and with great concern, respect and compassion for our clients. This caring, personalized approach is also something I have been known for over my long career in working with adoptive families.