Jim Glines

I'm a normal guy in an abnormal life (and vice versa); someone capable and caring, a halfway-decent poet, songwriter, painter and photographer when I'm able to do it.

I have a great love of learning and have a long way to go before anything remotely recognizable as wisdom surfaces.

I despise liars and people of ill will whose only aim in life is to express their self-hatred through harming others.

I never, ever want to get married again although a date with someone that can carry an actual conversation isn't out of the realm of possibility, but they must be human and breathing at minimum.

I especially dislike the rampant misuse of the apostrophe and will do anything to educate those around me on its proper use.

The cat (in the picture with a border) is my wonderful if frustrating cat Hercules. He has a boot/foot fetish and enjoys being lightly butt-spanked continuously until he falls over on his side. I love him like crazy even if he considers me a lesser creature.

I write a blog called MyBipolarLife and am a very vocal advocate for those suffering with mental health issues.

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