me…..I don’t know what, I don’t know why but sometimes I feel like I was just born, maybe it was because I was busy raising my two children mostly on my own, school and lots of suffering and heartache to ever pay attention properly but in the last ten years, especially the last five, I don’t mean awww poor me, not at all, I think life is beautiful so I am looking at the world and people with brand new eyes, I appreciate small things, big things, birds, sounds, sights, smells, stories, history, art, my list doesn’t end —- and I can’t STOP traveling. Out of all the countries I’ve been to (still lots more to go) none of them has got a hold on me like Italy . None ! Why is that????? I keep asking…. which makes me…. keep going. I love everything about it , the people I meet along the way and trust me I attract the good and the bizarre but I did figure out why kinda, me and puppies are just about the same, we will charge onto something or someone happily, giddy, wanting to play and explore ALL DAY , people sense that and get your energy. I would love to travel for a living, I love new sights, sounds, smells, old things, new things, languages and different cultures & people. There's no place like home but seeing the rest of the world is a gift.