Jess Vivian

I am a: Husband, Father, Christian, Traveler, Professor, Teacher, Researcher, Reader, Journalist, Editor, Writer (of many published and unpublished things: fact, fiction,poetry, prose, one liners, academic books and articles and a novel in progress), Pharmacist (Drug-Pusher--the prescription kind only), Attorney, General Counsel, Of Counsel, Consultant, Advisor, Ethicist, Inquirerer, Lecturer (people pay me to talk; how crazy is that?) Dog-Owner, Cat-Lover, Old Man, Democrat (mostly), Home-Owner, Lake-Liver, Ski-Boat and Pontoon Driver, Three Car-Owner (favorite: Mustang convertible), sorta-wanna-be Musician (guitar, six and twelve sting; acoustic and electric, banjo, autoharp, harmonica, ukulele, mandolin, keyboard--none of which played too well), Singer (poor), Web Developer (lousy; you're looking at my skill level), Software Addict, Computer Genius (not), Smeller of Roses (not often enough) and Lackadaisical fellow.

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