My name is Jesus Rodriguez. I am a co-founder of Tellago ( and Tellago Studios( I started Tellago with Elizabeth Redding three years with the mission of revolutionizing the enterprise application development landscape. For three years, Tellago has delivered on its promised and has reported a 300% growth every year. Last year, we launched Tellago Studios, a software company focused on building innovative enterprise software that challenges the myth that “enterprise software sucks”.

In addition to my work at Tellago and Tellago Studios, I serve as a advisor to various software companies including Microsoft and Oracle. I currently hold the Microsoft MVP and Oracle ACE awards. I am also a travel the world speaking at conferences and have authored over a hundred industry publications.

So what else?

For 8 years, I have been blogging about Microsoft technologies at . With the rapid growth of Tellago and Tellago Studios I thought it was a good idea to start a separate blog that focuses of entrepreneurship, the software industry and my experiences with Tellago and Tellago Studios. I don’t have a specific blogging agenda to follow this year but my ultimate goal is that some of the ideas expressed in this blog help other people passionate about entrepreneurship, software to build great companies and make this word a better place.