Joe Martin

Oregon, WI

I grew up in Norfolk, VA. I went to college at the University of Pittsburgh. It was life changing in two ways: I met my wife there and I got a degree in Information Science. After graduation, I took a job with Epic, in Madison, WI. After our wedding, my wife moved out with me. We've since had four precocious daughters.

I've always loved to read and have enjoyed reading on a variety of subjects. While in college, I discovered an interest in economics, Constitutional Law and the intersection of the two -- politics. I'm fascinated with cost-benefit trade-offs and with understanding the trust cost of something -- not just in money, but also in time. I also like to learn more about American history and Christian theology.

When sports are in season, I love rooting for the Pitt Panthers. And, now that I'm in Wisconsin, I'm finally surrounded by other Green Bay Packers fans.

When I'm not at work or spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, watching sports, talking about current events, or creating new computer tools.

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