Jennifer Kinere

Hi! My name is Jennifer Kinere. I am a mom, a yoga enthusiast, and a professional smartass. At the end of 2016 I began my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers (WW), and lost seventy-five pounds! During that time, I became very involved in the WW social media site on their app. It was there on "Connect" that I found support, ideas, and a love for writing.

I discovered that writing allows me the freedom to express myself and share all of the snarky fun that would otherwise be trapped inside my head! If you need motivation, ideas, or just a break from the real world, I invite you to read me. My dream is to inspire as many people as I can to find freedom in letting go of whatever is holding them back. I want to be the candle that lights a thousand others. Thousands of awesome, life-slaying, freak flag waving candles!! You can help spread the word by following me on social media, and sharing my page with your friends!