John F Taylor

San Diego

I'm an author/journalist who writes about reptiles, amphibians, & insects for mainstream media outlets. I have an obsession to share my knowledge with those interested in the herpetoculture industry.
John Taylor, Former Founder of Southern California Wildlife, is not only an amateur herpetologist, but he’s a local resident and expert on San Diego-based reptiles and their habitat. Most recently he launched which is a site dedicated to the dissemination of quality captive care information for reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Additionally, he has extensive experience with exotic species from all over the world. John has worked within the pet industry and served as Editor for the San Diego Herpetological Society. He’s personally handled well over 200 various species. His scholarly writings have been published in multiple media environments; most recently several of his articles have appeared within the industry-respected Reptilia Magazine, a renowned European publication, Reptiles magazine, and Reptiles USA Magazine. Not to mention that he has recently published a book on Uromastyx with world reknown publisher T.F.H.
In October John launched his own reptile internet radio show The Reptile Living Room at where he interviews experts in the industry. He has also been a featured writer for National Geographic Museum Blog,, Toronto Pet Daily, and All He is also a columnist for Inky Fresh Press

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