Science writer and legal advocate specializing in anti-corruption, John O'Sullivan was born in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents in 1961. John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England as well as litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. Federal 2nd Circuit.

In 2010 John established himself as the world's most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory of climate change (Google). He co-coordinated and co-authored, along with 22 leading climate researchers, 'Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,' a two-volume best seller.

O'Sullivan has published over 150 major articles worldwide. His 'Satellite-gate' revelations caused a $12 million dollar degraded orbiting U.S. satellite to be hastily removed from service.

Alongside Canada's most popular climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, John and other 'Slayers' founded Principia Scientific International, a growing science association opposed to 'post-normal science' that also pioneers a new form of 'open media' peer review (PROM).