Joses Paul

Chennai, India

I am a technology enthusiast, I have a great passion for technology and I love learning, designing and developing new technologies. I love speaking about technology in conferences and summits.I have a great passion for contributing in Technology Outreach programs.

My core specifications is Embedded systems and I have been doing projects at HP and Texas Instruments. but I also love Software development, and I have been developing Android Apps ,Apps for Store and Rational Apps - Websphere at IBM.

I am working as the Google Student Ambassador at Google Inc. Since I am a open source lover, I am also involved with Mozilla as Mozilla Regional Ambassador for South Asia and Firefox Student Ambassador and volunteer in IEEE JEC SB. I am working as the Editor-in-Chief for

I love blogging, reading books, playing PS3, solving rubik cubes, and I am addicted to music, I do very often make some noise with my guitar.

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