Melbourne, Australia

Hardly ever serious, generally sarcastic, wildly opinionated and full of useless bits of information that I've absorbed like a sponge. That’s enough about me isn’t it? I really enjoy a good chat, especially if it's a decent argument about Life, the Universe & Everything. I love sharing intelligent posts with a bit of a kick to them that make me sit up and take notice. If that doesn't put you off I've survived Type1 Diabetes for nearly 3 decades so I insist on being a bit of an expert on that but I'm trying to use my powers for good not evil. I've moved around the eastern coast of Australia all my life, including 3 states, 25 houses and boarding school! I'm exhausted thinking about it. Also had to swap schools with every move so I've collected a few of them as well. That’s enough about me isn’t it?

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