Jen House

Denver, CO

A Performance Improvement Specialist on a mission to make healthcare a little safer, more efficient, and a positive experience day by day.

Jen began her Lean journey in 2012 as an MBA candidate at Brandeis University. There she learned about Lean methodology and quickly gravitated to the combination of technical/statistical tools and organizational psychology. She studied Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as an undergrad so loves the problem solving that comes with each new project. When she moved to Denver in 2014 she was hired on at Lutheran Medical Center as a Performance Improvement Facilitator, where she remains today. At Lutheran she has worked on a variety of projects from reducing linen usage to increasing how quickly patients are admitted into the detox program.

After work Jen loves to cook, play outside (in the yard, in the mountains), and hang out with her husband Brandon, her son Isaac, and her dog Heidi.

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