New York

Currently I am a 34 year old male who lives in the great state of New York. My heart is now and has always been in a part of the state known as Brooklyn. While I don't live in that part right now I plan to one day RETURN!...

But for now I am going to take this little space of the internet and use it not for personal disscussion but to talk and reflect on something on a hobby I enjoy and spend far to many hours doing in my life...VIDEO GAMES...and COMIC BOOKS

I am pretty big on Horror, action, and Adventure games. I play just about everything with the exception of sports games because

AND B. I don't see the sense in playings a video game of something I can actually do in real life...that's kinda silly.

I love all comics as well.. but some I could really do without and so I will not even bring them up
Anyway this is my space for that...

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