Eccentric, mystical, practical, wicked humor that is not always....sane. I look at the world from a different perspective. I'm an uncommon mashup of South meets East...magnolia and cherry blossoms, fried chicken and sushi, haiku and bluegrass. I was born into an old, eccentric Southern family; not the dark Faulkneresgue kind family, more like the Addams family with a drawl. Poet, ex-chef, perpetual student of life, writer, romantic yet pragmatic. I love sci fi, fantasy, Star Trek (I have several uniforms from engineering services), New Orleans, and my southern heritage. I've worked as a bartender, freelance food stylist and photographer, autopsy photographer, chef and escaped from that to cook food I love for people I love, social worker, infrastructure engineer and lately, into pharmacy. A true Scorpio, I seem to re-invent myself every few years as life dictates. I worte my first haiku when I was six and have a long, deep love of Japan. I've traveled extensively all over the US and Canada, UK, Europe, Asia. I went to Woodstock and don't remember a thing! Particle physics and origami make me smile. Guided equally by Bushido and the 10 Commandments. I am a firm believer that it is important to always be kind but it isn't always important to be right. I have started a new poetry only blog: Aki no Koe - voice of autumn. Blessings and grins to you all!