Kathryn Meyer Griffith


I've been writing for over 50 years now...published for 37 of those years since 1984; have thirty novels and 13 short stories to my name...and more coming. I write traditional supernatural horror, thrillers, cozy murder mysteries and paranormal romance.

I'm a wife of over 42 years (husband, Russell), mother (one son, James), grandmother (two grandchildren, Caitlyn and Joshua), and a great grandmother. I was a graphic designer in the corporate world for 23 years; and I published with traditional publishers for 35 years before going Indie. I've now self-published ALL OF MY 30 NOVELS and short stories. I love cats, nature and classic rock music.

My published books:
Evil Stalks the Night
The Heart of the Rose
Blood Forged
Vampire Blood
The Last Vampire
Witches II: Apocalypse
Witches plus Witches II: Apocalypse
The Nameless One
The Calling
Scraps of Paper ~ The First Spookie Town Murder Mystery
All Things Slip Away ~ The Second Spookie Town Murder Mystery)
Ghosts Beneath Us ~ The Third Spookie Town Murder Mystery)
Witches Among Us ~ The FourthSpookie Town Murder Mystery)
What Lies Beneath the Graves ~ The Fifth Spookie Town Murder Mystery)
Egyptian Heart
Winter’s Journey
The Ice Bridge
Don’t Look Back, Agnes
A Time of Demons and Angels
The Woman in Crimson
Human No Longer
Four Spooky Short Stories Collection
Forever and Always
Night Carnival
Dinosaur Lake
Dinosaur Lake II: Dinosaurs Arising
Dinosaur Lake III: Infestation
Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars
Dinosaur Lake V: Survivors
Memories of My Childhood- autobiographical non-fiction
Christmas Magic 1959 short story
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