Kevin Cummings


I have split the last twenty years between Thailand and a small beach community in Northern California. I like to read. I like to creatively consume. Here I display a great deal about the artists, poets, novelists, musicians, photographers and the occasional muse who create in Thailand and SEA. Gope, the very cool and relaxed frog in the coconut shell was drawn by the very talented, cool and relaxed author / cartoonist, Colin Cotterill, to whom I am very grateful. I am, among other things, a blogger who has been published a few places thanks to the kindness of others. I am the author of Bangkok Beat, and in 2019 DIfferent Drummers, both published by Frog in the Mirror Press and on sale now as a paperback and eBook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple iBooks among others.

In the long run, John Maynard Keynes is going to be right. Happy reading.

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