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Thanks for stopping by my blog! This blog is a writing and reading blog where I will have many writing tips and everyone books! I will talk about my ventures in the writing world and discuss the books I am reading or have read! Just a little about me, my name is Krystol and I have been writing since I was 15. I just graduated with my Master’s in Creative Writing. ! Love you guys so much! I’m also a published author with 9 novels out. Check me out on and just type Krystol. My other writings include: ScreenWriter, Game Writer, Developmental Writer, TV Writer, and Blogger.

My Screenplays: Coming Out Of The Dark, If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, Pia, and I’ll Never Tell.

Short Films: Trick or Treat, Sweet Innocence ( None of these short films are in production yet.)

I also have treatments for a reality show and a mockumentry as well. Currently, I'm working on a TV Pilot.

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