Mary C Simmons

Hotchkiss, CO

I currently reside in Colorado at the foot of the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains. After spending nearly my entire life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I moved to Colorado in 2012.

I’ve created a large amount of art in various media, including clay, metal, fabric, drawing and painting. I have focused on ceramic art the last several years, which delights me endlessly in the obvious participation of left and right brain functions.

I have a Master of Science degree in Geology, and have taught the introductory course in geology in southern Indiana–about as alien to my desert New Mexico homeland as it gets. After four years of teaching the same class, my imagination rebelled and I returned to New Mexico. I taught another geology class. I realized my house was nearly paid for, built a pottery studio and started writing Corvus Rising.

Ten years after I finished graduate school, I was asked to revise my thesis and submit it for publication in the New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook. While I never launched myself on a geological career, I’ve stayed connected to the rocks and the people I met in geology school.

I can’t drive for a moment through the beautiful landscape in which I live without contemplating the forces and time that shaped it. The rocks themselves tell this story, if we have the time to listen. The grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees also have tales to tell, though none of these entities speak in ways that we humans recognize as communication.

I never did settle on a ‘career’ as is understood to most people, in large part because I am so curious about nearly everything. And I love freedom.

Corvus Rising is my first fictional work-a science fiction novel in the "Ecofantasy"** genre-where crows and humans talk to one another and pursue like-minded goals concerning the habitat Earth that we all share. Such is my interest in writing and creating art; to give voice to the non-human, whose wiser lives point the way to understanding ourselves and our place on this glorious planet Earth.

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