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True organic lifestyle today and always brings good health and life choices for global community of God's creation, less suffering and pain on average from damages sustained from nuclear power plants, nuclear power plant waste and it's byproducts consisting of GMO's Glyphosate, Boride, Fluoride, Palmitate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearates, Ethanol, Boride (generally used in forest fire outages powerful toxic poisonous substance genocide of plant life and animal life), Chemtrails with materials and substances listed above and then some more, HAARP with laser and space fence technology spread on land and below the sea spanning nations and the globe in grids; surfactants used to intensify these mechanisms include sulfides and oil whether intentional or accidental and these all in turn are used for genocide of global proportion to all God's creation. These mechanisms also used to create plasma rings around the earth to help genocide and specific intentions yet unrealized by most people, the steering and generating of storms, disease, earthquakes, floods and drought, mind control, mind surveillance with drones and cell towers and chemtrails, hurricane, cyclones, monsoon, typhoon, tornados, to mention but a few. Practice, the animals and trees and people have been practiced upon by global elite corporate banksters the fine art of genocide, as they attempt to do two things among others, one genocide globally, and two the New World Order, the 8 big wigs and up to 500 elite banksters are corrupt evil mindless ruthless small minded insignificant soul without hearts, they are so small minded that they are fearful of the 8 billion people and animals and plant life God created on earth, and want to destroy and control every aspect of God's domain, but God will not allow them to have their way always and he is trying to have people turn to him in their own time and place, and to follow his peaceful and loving ways from their heart and soul...
Join Global Restoration of Human Rights Healthy Earth, Healthy Inhabitants Forever...
Earth Our Home Our Life Let's Take Care Of It!
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Laurel Marie Sobol this site gets temporarily shut down for expose of international atrocities such as genocide.
My other Wordpress gravitar names are azuresobol and laurelsobol2013, both accounts have been shut down, suspended for sharing news about how to regain human rights globally. All information and material is used to educate the world globally so that every person can make a decision for themselves, versus other people making bad decisions for them.
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