LEAP Africa

Lagos Nigeria

Leadership Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa, established in 2002, is a non-profit committed to developing dynamic innovative and principled African leaders. We recognize that raising leaders is critical to nation building and wealth creation. Over the years, LEAP has inspired and equipped youth, business owners and social entrepreneurs to lead ethically while implementing initiatives that transform their communities and organizations for better; sustaining livelihood and contributing to national development. LEAP achieves this through its training programmes, publications and eLearning.

Leadership Research: Get copies of our research works: Defying the Odds, Building a Culture of Ethics, Rage for Change, Get on Board, Passing the Baton, How to Get a Job, Critical Strategies for Building Sustainable Organisation, Attract, Motivate and Retain Top Talent, Art of Managing Risks, Essential Steps for Creating an Ethical Organisation, Corporate Culture: The Essence of Winning Companies

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