Leo Rutherford

Sussex, UK

I had a twenty year career as an engineer and business manager followed by a mid-life crisis - well what else would you expect! This led to an eight year period of therapy and life changing experiences.

Living in California doing my MA in Holistic Psychology, I came across the ancient ways of the shamans and recognised the earthy and the magical that was missing from Western cultural concepts. Shamanism is spiritual, ecological and psychological, it connects us to the roots of our being and to the great powers of nature that surround us and without which we do not exist.

It is the only path I have found in which nothing is left out - and it is the only path I have found which doesn’t, however subtly, try to tell me that something in me is put together wrong!

‘I walk in beauty, beauty before me, beauty behind me and beauty all around me’. That is what I try to remember daily.

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