Hi! My name is Mommy. I have been happily married to Daddy for a little over 6 years but we have been sharing our lives for almost 11. Some fun info about us: Daddy and I share a birthday and had our first "date" on our birthday! We are Geminis (the sign of the twins) and... almost 5 years ago we were blessed with TWO perfect little miracles, a beautiful little princess we call Bug, and our handsome little man, Bubba. I am starting this blog to try to keep track of the MANY little moments that make our lives wonderful/crazy/exhausting/hilarious/emotional/hard/beautiful/fulfilling!

Most of the things I post here may not be of interest to anyone but me, but I don't care.... I'm using this as merely a place to document some of my favorite moments! They will be unorganized and sometimes posted way after they happen, but that is just part of the craziness of our lives!