This blog is an opportunity to share my thoughts, feelings & anything else as I journey from my once able-bodied, active life towards a life in the disabled community, learning to adapt to my new body & the equipment needed for every day tasks and making modifications in my life as a mother.
At the age of 28, while finishing my thesis for a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education with a focus on the medically-fragile, low-functioning population and teaching Special Education for my city's public school system, I became sick with an extremely rare neurological disorder called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. The disease has since caused multiple musculo-skeletal disorders throughout my entire spine. My students became my teachers as I learned to adapt to and accept my physical limitations after having spent 28 years able-bodied and healthy. I am slowly losing my mobility, coordination, balance & eyesight.
I am in recovery from drug addiction & alcoholism, and my sobriety date is June 1, 2012. I attend 12-step meetings, sponsor other women, go on service commitments and work the steps.
My faith in God has been the most important thing in my life. With Him, I'm able to stay positive (though I have my days like any other precious child of His), stay sober & have hope in my and my daughter's future.
With Him, ALL things are possible!!! In 2011, I had a healthy, beautiful little girl after having been told by doctors at age 26 that I would never conceive naturally nor carry into a 2nd trimester. Well, I'd also been told I'd never walk again after initially getting ill, but learned to do so while pregnant and walked without using any mobility aid at all for 15 months! Doctors can never know what God has planned for us! :)
I now mostly use a power chair but can still walk short distances with the help of a pronged cane or rollator. I am currently awaiting a trip to team-training, where I'll train for 2 weeks with my new Service Dog. Having a Service Dog will not only benefit me, but also my daughter who is my biggest helper. I am excited that she will have the opportunity to live a more care-free & "typical" childhood, though having a mom with special needs has been her normal. We know life no other way. And, honestly? I wouldn't want life to be any other way - We are blessed beyond measure!!

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