ServerPress Marc

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My name is Marc Benzakein and I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. I live with my wife and two children and life is good.

I spend most of my days working with the team at ServerPress, LLC ( where we make software to easily spin up local WordPress sites in less than a minute with just a click.

WordPress is awesome, not just for the software, but for the Community. I spend a lot of my weekends speaking and sponsoring WordCamps because it's the place where a lot of the Community Magic happens. If you have never been to a WordCamp, I HIGHLY recommend it! Meeting people in the Wordpress Community is one of my favorite things to do which has sort of turned me into a Wordcamp junkie.

I've been lucky enough to get lots of help from people as I have developed my skills and I am more than happy to give back by helping when and if I can. Feel free to hit me up if you run into a wall on something. I might be able to help - or point you in the right direction!

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