Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder


Basics & Lifestyle Classes; Consulting and Selling Upscale Silver Jewelry from Giovanni Raspini Charms & Co, Italy. See my website for full info.
French high end antique Lampe Berger, Limoges lamps and boxes. Hand painted wooden boxes with roses by French artist. Upscale linen sachets, linen & toiletry bags with angels and roses created by French domestic artist.
Antiqued Silver Rose cutlery from Germany.
Luxury Goods & Jewelry industry)

2008 — Present

After being an International Consultant for the Mushroom Industry with extensive traveling, I started looking at something that would allow me to share all those cultural experiences and rich traditions with others.
Here I would love to share with you our travels and adventures as international mushroom consultants. MEMOIRS about husband Pieter Vedder, who was a SCIENTIFIC PIONEER in Mushroom Cultivation Education. His book is in 8 languages and is called the MUSHROOM BIBLE: