Hellfire is very, very uncool, America. Im a NDEr.

Tell me if I sound like Noah:

FACT: soon, demons disguised as 'aliens'
shall appear in their 'spacecraft' demanding
you follow/worship (they're evil, fallen angels -
trust in ~JESUS~ alone).

FACT: God's still in control...
yet sHe wants to see how
faithFULL we mortals are
in these Last Hours when
we've all but forgottn God.

FACT: there shall come a time when
you must choose between taking
the Mark o'Beast or being guillotined.
Yay!! Being a martyr is a total honor
(sadly, not everyone has d'moxie in
our ultra-HUUUUUUGE-cranium).

FACT: Im a loserrr4jesus on earth...
yet Im bloody #@!!° nuts4heaven!
Follow me Upstairs for a BIG-OL,
rock-solid, sold-out,
wild-fire, party-hardy
with lottsa fuzzzy-navels.

PS: DONT be vaccinated -
allah scamOcide, humanity
(so is worshipping Allah).
ANTIDOTE: Psalm 91 (2X daily).
-GBY x-tra