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Matte Blk

@matteblk As a NearDeathExperiencer, only 2 realms after we kick-the-bucket, wildchild, and 1 of em aint too cool ... Meet me Upstairs in 7thHeaven. WooHoo! Lets party!!

Let U.S. talk bout 'low-info-voters' (L.I.Ve); if we dont, they might not live: dijoo know HATE is whorizontal roadkill which stinks to God? Jesus' gonna say what to those who hated Trump at the General Judgement? ---> HATE is a mortal sin; aint no HATE in the Great Beyond: only 2 realms after we kick-the-bucket and 1 of em ain't too cool ---> WE gotta lotta free will given by God, thus, WE decide our destiny given by us. Groovy how sHe lets U.S. choose:

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