Mitchell Toews

Rennie, Manitoba

Loquacious, and occasionally, hiquacious.

Mitchell Toews, a fiction writer, lives and writes lakeside in Manitoba where he often spends time in the windy intermingling between the top of the water and the bottom of the sky.

Since June 2016, more than a score (but not yet four score) of short stories and flash fictions have been PUBLISHED. The work has appeared in literary journals — both online and in print — in Canada, the UK & Ireland, the USA, and India.


Rhubarb Magazine
Voices Journal
Fiction on the Web
Literally Stories
Red Fez
Broken Pencil
The Machinery
The MOON magazine
Alsina Publishing (LingoBites)
Work Literary Journal
Fictive Dream
Pulp Literature
Blank Spaces

Please see the ICON LINKS to these outstanding journals - whose masterful editors possess the keenest and finest of literary sense.

Mitchell hopes to someday publish a collection of short stories and is currently hard at work on a novel, driven by his unyielding London editor, James the Intransigent.


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More on the WordPress BLOG, PLEASE VISIT MY PUBLICATION PAGE FOR A COMPLETE LIST of URLs, short descriptions, excerpts and author's notes!

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Tweets: @mitchell_toews #mitchelltoews On Twitter, I am nine parts class-clown and unabashed wordplayist and one part 'other'. NO parts raging twitter troll or name-caller.

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