MJ Bannister

I am the princess of a Holy King.
I am the wife of an Earl.
I am an empty-nest mother of four.
I am the proud mother-in-law of four.
I am the grandmother of eight angels who light up my life and
teach me more than any book or teacher ever has or ever will.

I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, exploring unfamiliar roads with my husband (getting lost), playing with my grandchildren, and playing Sudoku and Yahtzi.

With passion, I live to serve my King.
With pleasure, I do anything related to English Language Arts.
I write.
I ghost-write.
I tutor.
I teach.
I write to teach.
I teach to write.
I proofread.
I edit.
I prepare students for English exams.

I love my job as a CNA registered Visiting Angel. My clients become my family. I'm there to do for them what they can no longer do for themselves, and I strive to do so keeping their dignity in tact. I'm paying forward for the day I will be in their shoes.