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Monavie Voight is my avatar in the Second LifeĀ® virtual world. I am a content creator in Second Life and bring content in to mimic what we use in the real world for the practice of magick. I teach metaphysical classes and workshops, give confidential psychic tarot readings for clients and choreograph dance routines for two dance troupes in this online virtual world. One of my latest projects is TriMoviesā„¢ ( where we are producing shows created in the Second Life virtual world for viewers in the real world to enjoy.
More about the real me in a professional sense: Magick is all around us and we must blend it into our lives to live a life that is full of the awe, wonder and beautiful serendipity that we want to know, to bring higher levels of productivity to our chosen path, and to align us with our true nature.

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