A career journalist from Bangladesh Mukhlesur Rahman Chowdhury (Bengali: মোখলেসুর রহমান চৌধুরী) popularly known as Mokhles Chowdhury (মোখলেস চৌধুরী), held a notable position as adviser to the Honourable President of Bangladesh and Minister during the 2006-07 Caretaker Government. He is the eldest son of Alhaj Azizur Rahman Chowdhury (late), the first Chief Editor of the Weekly Prekshit and Sharifa Aziz Chowdhury, a 'Ratnagarva Maa'. He hails from Katihara of Lakhai under the District of Habiganj, Bangladesh. Mukhles Chowdhury was in helm of affairs for Bangladesh while the country's President was in 'coma', Bangladesh was in deep political crisis. However, he solved political discords and brought all the political parties to parliamentary election. Finally this was foiled by ambitious army officers, specifically Lt. General Moeen U Ahmed and Maj gen. Aminul Karim, lust for power blaming rivalry of politicians.

Mokhles Chowdhury sacrificed a lot for the sake of democracy, to uphold and maintain constitutional rule as well as for the cause of nation. For writing investigative reports during his chequered career of journalism he faced difficult times by the secret services, was interrogated and was under surveillance in a number of times including while covering killing of Brigadier Shabab Ashfaq in 1999 and following his raising question to the President Bill Clinton in his press conference during his visit to Bangladesh on 20 March 2000. Initially he was obstructed in asking question to Clinton by the authority of Bangladesh government.

Track record shows, as a crisis manager Mukhles Chowdhury has been successfully dealing crisis on different occasions with strong belief in the almighty Allah. He loves to be introduced as one of the most obedient 'Bandah of Allah' more specifically servant of Allah. the almighty instead of other positions. Chowdhury's another success story is, while he was in the centre-point of power, was able to publish two historic research books namely ''Hundred Years of Bangabhaban'' and ''Bangabhabaner Shatabarsha'', where top researchers of Bangladesh such as University Vice Chancellors, senior Professors, Curators and Historians were involved. He was given credit by the international world that he managed integrity while he was the 'Defacto President and Prime Minister' in 2006-07.

Statesman Mukhles Chowdhury attended numerous international conferences and represented Bangladesh such as United Nations Golden Jubilee in 1995, Commonwealth, SAARC, CJA and SID. He has vision and mission for Bangladesh and the Ummah. Read more on-